lørdag den 26. september 2009

Mail from Borin and the kids

Dear Orly & Claus,
Thank you for your mails.
Like I informed with in my last mail, I had stayed at my home during the Pchum Ben time nearly 2 weeks, and I have just come back last Thursday. I got your last mail telling us about the Danish medical student who comes to visit here, I haven't heard about him yet. Maybes he was back Denmark.
About the kids, they are getting well as normal. Soon their aunt will start her selling new again. They are now starting their public school for the new grade, the girl grade 5 & the boy grade 6.

That Thursday, I gave the boy 32. 5 USD: 25$ to give his aunt to buy them extra-food & 7.5$ for his eating at SIS for another 2 weeks. I gave the money to their aunt to buy them food as I thought their aunt perhaps had something new for them, and what they bought were like you see in the photos. These all cost 25$ she told me and these were what they liked as well.

I will start my medical class on 15/10/2009, and for my English class; it is time to prepare for final exam of finishing semester one of year 4.

For the Pchum Ben time, I had a good time with my family. I also could help them some works & cooking as well as they were busy with selling, I was not a good seller, just a slow assistance.
I went my home village pagodas with my mother. Pchum Ben is a ceremony that we celebrate to dedicate good merit & food to our ancestors to help them because they could be keep in a bad place after death as a belief.

At the end, I wish you be fine and have a good weekend with the best regards from my family.


PS: When I was coming internet before this, the girl called me to ask to buy a new school bag. I will give her the money to buy.

torsdag den 17. september 2009

Good news from Cambodia

Saru wrote today:

"Firstly, I would like to tell you good information about Peach.

Police found out the robber who steal Peach’s power producer. The robber was escaped successfully, but he left the power producer in the forest (the North of my house)
Now Peach gets back. Everything is fine. She needs only to pay 50 USD to police to thank to them that very hard working. Now Peach stop crying."

mandag den 14. september 2009

School Fee for 2008 and 2009

Dear Orly & Claus,

Thanks so much for your mail. It sounds interesting about Mette & Lene, but Mette perhaps
feels homesick & lonely as she has to stay a lone from you two and her boyfriend as well.
I would like to show you all things that you want to know both about me and Cambodia.

I write you now to report you the left information about the kids, and photos of school paying.

I have test English of the boy already. He is doing ok with what he has learned. When he started he was in level SC1 and he is now SC4.
I also had shown them all the nice photos of you all with my expression & explanation of each person. They was watching slide show with smiles.

I would like to say hello to your good friends visiting you. Please, enjoy your time together and have a nice day & weekend.

Love from Borin

torsdag den 3. september 2009

Bad luck in Cambodia

Saru is writing today:

"Now Peach and Sot is very bad luck because they lost their business. Their battery recharge was stolen. I mean the small one that produce power to the batteries. They lost it at night which there were heavy raining. There is someone to get inside her batteries shop to take that one.
It costs 330 USD to buy.

I’m really pity them and as well as my family especially my Parents"