tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

We donated a bike to Kosal family

Yos wrote me this weekend:
Dear Orly
I buy already a bike on Friday morning. The price is 350.000Reail / 80 USD but after I ask for discount is 300.000Reail / 75 USD. I will take the photo to you when I finish my best examination.

Yos i writing today:
Sure father of Kosal was happy very much with his wife and they say "thank you" to you very much for your kindness to them.

This is the photo of bike. Oh, I forgot to tell you something, I give some money 10.000 Reil to father of Kosal for buying the painting for make a new colour so we can see it beautiful bike and more interesting. I will take the photo of the new colour of bike to you soon.
Photo that I sent you now is not already prepare, not painted.
Tomorrow I finish my exam so I can do everything with Kosal family
Love from yos

mandag den 8. marts 2010

Yos is buying food for Kosal

Dear Mother oh Hope

I think that dried fish and more food today can make his family easy to take care it because we can keep for a long time.
In Cambodia Dried fish is a good food and high price. Dried fish for Kosal is best taste that Cambodian people call number 1.
-Dried fish number 1 is 45000Rail for 1kg. and I bought 1.7kg to him. (70000 Rail)
-You can see another food in the picture is 27000Rail for two. (For one 13500 Rail) So Total balance today is 97000Rail and your money now is 3000Rail left.
I got the 50 USD from Saru and yesterday I bought something for Kosal spend 25 USD = 100000Rail.

and today I bought dried fish and another food in the picture and spent 97000Rail.

I want you to know that Kosal family happy, very much, for all the food. And they say that they never eat dried fish number 1 before. Oh I forget to tell you, this evening the family of Kosal will go back the village because they need to sign on “book of family”. You know they need to make birth certificate? If we need to make birth certificate for someone we must have a “book of family”. And Kosal family do not have book of family so they can not make birth paper for Kosal. The first they need to do is to make a book of family and than to make birth certificate later.
Best Regard

Yos is shopping with Kosal

Dear Mother of Hope

Yesterday, I went to shopping with Kosal to buy something for him.
Everything I bought is:
- 1 School Uniform.(1 set)
- 3 Shirts and 3 Shorts.
- 3 Underpants.
- 10 Books, 2 pens, 2 Pencil, 1 eraser, 1 Pencil case, and 1 ruler.
- 2 Shoe for school and another one for walking to everywhere.
- 1 School bag.
- 2 kinds Washing powder ( 1 for clean the hair and another one for clean the cloths)
- 2 toothbrushes.
- 1 big toothpaste.

I spend all everything for Kosal is 25USD. You know when I buy something for Kosal i always tell the seller for discount to Kosal because he is poor son. Like shoe for one is 5 or 7 USD but when i ask to discount is 3 USD and 4 USD... So you can see both of shoe belong to Kosal is very nice and he told me that he love his shoe and all shirts. I buy something for Kosal is follow by his mind. If he loves it I will ask the seller for discount.

So you can see the picture all of this. And I want to take Kosal family but the camera no power so I'm waiting to morrow. I will send the photo Kosal family tomorrow to you. Oh I'm sorry I forget to buy soup for Kosal and i will go to buy soup for him tomorrow in the morning. And I think that everything i buy is enough for Kosal go to school and for living.

Kosal, 11 years, a new homeless boy in our project

Kosal is the a homeless boy. He is 11 years old and I met him and his family for the first time 3 years ago, at that time he was 8 years old and still running naked around at the temple area and I bought him and his brothers some new cloths. I meet him and his family every time I visit Cambodia.

He is the oldest son in a homeless family with 5 kids (1-11 years old). They came from the country side to find a better life in Phnom Penh, his father has a rickshaw and his mother is a bagger. Usually they stay in the temple area without any belongings and the kids don’t go to school. Lately the mother took the small kids back to her village and left them there, probably at her mother, as they were sick.

Kosal can now go to school and get, for the first time in his life, a chance to be like other children.

We donated his uniform, shoes, bag, books and other school expenses and we will also buy him some food. Yos will be his protector, buy the things he need and look after him.

I don’t know if it will be possible for him to concentrate on studying and making homework as he don’t have a home, he just live out side under a tree, but I want to give him a chance and I wish him the best.

His father rent his rickshaw so I have a plan to donate a bike to him so he can save the rent and have more money to buy food for the kids in the future.

søndag den 7. marts 2010

Dany & Rachana, two new brothers in our project

Dany and Rachana, 12 & 10 years old brothers, doing 4. &  5. grade in public school. Live as homeless in the temple area together with the parents and 5 years old little sister. They are still very lucky, they have good parents and both parents earn some money for food, the three kids looks healthy. The father has a motorbike so he transport people for money and the mother is doing some assembling work at home for a shop in the market. They are coming from the country side hoping to find a better life in Phnom Penh. They seem to be very united family, the father help the mother in her job in the evening time and the kids are always around the parents. Both boys go to public school and my help to them will be the payment of daily English lessons. Saru will be the contact person to them and he did the shopping yesterday, spending 38 USD buying them new uniforms, school bags and new cloths.
They do not stay inside the building but outside. The have only one big bed which they all 5 share in the night time. The cover the bed in the night like you see on the last photo.. You can see their cloths hanging on the left side of the bed. This is a home for 5 persons but they are still more lucky than others in Cambodia as they got small jobs and food and most important, they are helping eachother.

fredag den 5. marts 2010

Bye Bye Cambodia

01-03-2010 Shopping with Cheng

01-03-2010 Sopal, new boy in our project

Sopal is 11 years old, much underfeed, his mother died while giving birth to her next baby and left 4 small kids. His father left the kids with the grandmother and went back to his first wife.

The kids ended after a while in an orphan were the other three are still living. Sopal did not thrive in the orphan so his uncle took him to the temple where the uncle lives as a monk.

Borin and I took him to the market, bought him medicine for parasite, new cloths, soap, washing powder and so on. In the future will Borin be his contact person and buy him a hot meal every day and pay his daily English lessons.

It is difficult to explain how happy Sopal was for our help and we wish him good luck in his new chance in life.