mandag den 21. december 2009

From the kids to the sponsors

Dear Orly & Claus,
This mail is to send you the pictures of childrens food, and I don’t have much things to tell about them (I just gave 30$ to their aunt, and showing in the picture what she bought for this amount of money, I could'nt buy it myself as I have class as well this Sunday). They are fine, and they have their class regularly, also their English part time class as well. Rotha at SIS ( and Chanty with Meng Cheng, small boy, studying one hour everyday near WAT Koh (our temple). Though, I couldn’t know the recent result of Chanty CD4 (HIV), but I see she is being healthy now resulting from extra-food as well. If she couldn’t get information about her CD4 (HIV) next time, I will take her to private laboratory to check it.

When I will send pictures of their extra-food next time, It will be in 2010, so I would like to say something as well in the end of this year 2009.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for a lot of things that you and all the sponsors have helped us till the end of this 2009, and THANKS a lot for all the kind people at your working place, Guldmann A/S, for their kind donation, 2000$, for your education aid project to Cambodia in the next 2010.

You all still increase and continue to help us though you have been hearing a lot of corruption information happening among Cambodian people related to the help from foreign countries to Cambodia. These kind of corruptions really give bad influence to all Cambodian people include us, and it is also cutting down those kind helps to the poor people, especially orphan children who are suffering by the condition of their lives, and praying for kind helps to stand up in a better life. It is not strange or such chock to me hearing about corruption in my country as I heard a lot. So fare, it seems it became people’s habit in my society, but it was new for me to see directly this corruption story that was related to that rich man and you at your visit in Cambodia.
Orly, people can say very sweet and honestly to the ears, but doing is different…..It is the real condition of my country right now, in a state of a developing one. I don’t hate my country - I love it, and I can’t blame others people as well, but I have to start with myself. I do want to see my country becomes developed one like other countries in one day.

You and the sponsors’ help also give me a pressure related to the results of our studies in the short future, as I don’t know what we will become, but I am doing my best and also praying to be positive results as well.

I still think of the great work and help of you, Orly, who spend your valuable time, and try your best to help us and also enlarging this help, my cousin for example.

I consider your money and the sponsors’ are like my mother’s money that I have to think and discuss before spending them. I myself who asked you to help, for example my cousin, so I will suggest you to stop it, as well, if I find out the money couldn’t go to the right target.

For the total help till now, I see it has been increasing by time, and making changing a lot as well, for example like the kids I can compare their first picture in your blog with their pictures right now, they grew up better, and being looked more smiling than that time. It is like you said to me recently, you not only have helped us with money but also warm our mind by your compassionate heart. These activities really touch our lives and feeling, and also our relatives’ heart such as Saru’s family, yos’s mother, my family especially my mother and also my cousin’s mother.

It seems like we all just can say thank you very much again and again to you all, while we are, at the same time, doing actions to change our life.

Now again, I would like to wish you all with the sponsors, a Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2010 becomes another great New Year to all of you, harmony in life and success in your works.

Best regards & love from all of us in Cambodia.

lørdag den 19. december 2009

Christmas present to our project in Cambodia

I got some fantastic news, my working place, Guldmann A/S, gave my project in Cambodia a fantastic present, 2000 USD.

It is a fantastic start of 2010.

I wish all the sponsors a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


onsdag den 16. december 2009

New sponsor from Italy and new student in Cambodia

Our new student in the project is Sea Sony, he is 20 years old, his father died in 2000 and left his mother with 7 children, 5 boys and two girls. Sony dream about a better education and better life in the future for him and his family.
His mother is a rice farmer, and she supports his dream. She sold already 4 cows out of 5 in order to send him to university in Phnom Penh. It is nearly "mission impossible" for his family to support him through 5 years of study.
He needs to have very cheap housing in Phnom Penh so he stay in the Catholic church, live there for 50 USD per year.
He started his studies in September this year in a very cheap university and he already got a job in a supermarket in the city.
I visited his village in November, met his mother and family and saw the condition of life they suffer. I promised him to do my best to help him as soon as I will have a sponsor. Told him to find a better university, the cheapest is not so well recommended and he should change to a better university as soon as he can.

We wish Sony good luck with this new opportunity in life and thanks to all the sponsors who support the project.

tirsdag den 17. november 2009

New little boy in our project

Chanty need a companion to join her to the evening school where she study English. Borin and I decided to find a companion for her and Borin choosed a little boy from the temple.
His name is Meng Cheng and he is 10 years old. His brother is monk like Saru (see him at the photo to the left sitting with my hat). They are 7 siblings in the family, two of them are younger than Meng and the parents live in the border Tai - Cambodia. The monk took his little brother, Meng, with him to the temple in Phnom Penh as he hope to give him opportunity to go to school.
He will join Chanty to English lessons in private school and we will pay his school fee and his books.
Borin told me that Meng and his big brother are happy to get this opportunity so we wish him good luck in his studies and we are happy that Chanty can go together with a boy she know.

mandag den 16. november 2009

New food supply for the kids

Cloth from sponsors in Denmark and food from sponsors from Italy and Norway.

Easy to smile when you are not hungry.
Borin and I try to teach Rotha and Chanty that it is improtant to eat healthy food, fresh fruits and less sugar.

fredag den 13. november 2009

Thanks to the sponsors from Yos

Dear Mother of Hope

I was very happy so much when I heard you went to your summerhouse. You know my mother ask me about you and I told her you go back to your Country already. And she asks me more questions about you. My mom told me that she really happy so much when you coming to visit in our house but she had feel afraid of your mind so much because our house is small but she still enjoy to welcome you to visit again if you want. And she doesn’t know how to speak to you but in her mind she is so happy. After you go back I show her again everything that I got from you and she is very interesting very much and tell me "don’t forget to try study more" and said thank you to you and she wish you have good health all the time.

You know I describe her about the one bad manager in Cambodia of children at NGO to my mom and she feel so sorry to hear that.

You know mother’s phone is very old and sometimes when she talk on phone is clear but another time when she talk with any person is not hear and she take it to repare shop but the phone need to change some parts so I decide to give the new phone that I got from you to my mom. You know I will tell you one. The new phone that you give me, my mother she really likes it and she said that it is very nice.
About my study in high school is still good for me and today I spend $10 for biology subject for one year to study extra time and another subject I’m waiting to pay later.

I spend $5 for electric and 8000Riel (2 usd) for water for two month after this.

About holiday at my school maybe on August next year but I am not sure about this because it just my thinking and I will ask my friends or the teacher about that.

Please help me to say hello to my both sponsor, and say thank so much for big help to Cambodia and me as well. I really so happy in my mind that I don’t know how to say and I can’t find of the words in English to explain you for your help to me and other persons

In the name of one poor student in my Country and I didn’t have dad so can understand any person like me is so lonely and still remember and want to have father like other people.

And for me I never know about happiness but after that you come to visiting in Phnom Penh you teach me to try to smiled and now I think smiled is necessary for me because smiled made me good luck and friendly. You know most of my photo is very nice that I can smile. Before I didn’t know you I don’t know how to smile but from now on I must smile all time because I have the sponsors to help me. Everyday I can eat rice, I can study, I can pay for something by my both sponsor to help me so I think that my sponsor is like my best parents .

Orly thank you again for everything to me a lot and I can not forget my mother told me to say thank for your kindness for me and her as well and any children.
Finally, I don’t know how much to say more to you so I just wish you meet good luck and good health all the time and your family forever.

Orly I want to tell you one story in my mind that I never tell any body You know after I know you I learn from you a lot so in the future I think that if I finish my best university and I get job and good salary I will help poor person or help orphans. Why I do like this? Why I help them? So I will describe them my story when I was poor and tell them about your big help to me and tell them that "don’t forget to study hard" and when they are have everything they must think about this before. This is my best opinion in my heart and my mind that I can’t forget it and I still remember everyday, everytimes.

Love from Yos

Saru change his subject at University

At my visit in Cambodia, last week, Saru talked a lot about his plans for the future. He study now International Relationship but he like very much all subjects related to law and he asked for my accept to change his subject from International Relationship to law in the future.

Sure he got my accept, he can study what wish and like as long as he do his best!

He will finish his semester this month and will start next semester at the faculty of law afterwards.

I wish him good luck in the future.

søndag den 8. november 2009

Arrival to Phnom Penh 30. Okt 2009

Around the temple 31. Okt 2009

To the right: the "house" of Chanty and Rotha, they live together with about 20 other homeless people in the temple.
Down: Rotha with his new cloth from Denmark.

A homeless family living outside the temple, I visit them every year and give them some baloons and food.

Visiting Borins family 1. Nov 2009

To the left: the shop of Borins mother. She sell fish and foods. Down: she have her own production of marinate fish and have a stock of nearly one year production. She is a strong woman and a fantstic mother.
To the left: the house is in a small town and very close to the market where she have her shop.

To the left: his mother preper lunch for us.
Down: we visit the village of Borin where he lived before his mother moved to the town. On the photo the house of his grandmother and some of his relatives.

Sot in Phnom Penh 1. & 2. Nov 2009

Sot came from the village to Phnom Penh to buy the tools and spare parts we donated to his shop. It is his first visit ever to a hotel and he like it.

We are at the bus station on the the way to the village with all the things Sot bought in Phnom Penh.

Visiting the village of Saru 2. & 3. Nov. 2009

Cloth from Denmark. The kids love it.

Saru and his father orgnaized a budhist ceremoney in the evening. Many people from the village participated and as a guest from Europe I was the main attraction.

The Motoshop, we donated 500 USD for tools and spareparts.

Sot with his certificate from the technical school, we donated his education.