søndag den 22. april 2012

Cambodian New Year 15-04-2012

Sophal 4. grade

Cheng / 4. grade
Brother and sister, Rotha and Chanty 7. & 8. grade

Sophal to the left / 4. grade and Kosal 3. grade

Cheng and Chanty
Sophal, need a hair cut!

To celebrate the Cambodian New Year this month, I have decided with borin to buy new cloths to all the kids as a gift from the sponsors. Borin will also celebrate New Year tomorrow with the kids by taking them on a trip to River side and bring them to do skating.
The kids bought the following:

1- Kosal : a jean, a short trouser, a short school trouser, slippers, underwear, 2 t-shirts and a belt.

2- Cheng: slippers, shoes, a belt, a school uniform and an underwear (the jean and color t-shirt in the photos are from his parents, his parents works in Thailand and came to visit for New Year)

3- Chanthy : a jeans, two t-shirts, slippers, a belt and two under wears

4- Sophal: 6 short trousers, a long school trouser, slippers and 3 t-shirts

5- Rotha : a jean, slippers, a school bag, and school shirt which he ordered from tailor costing 7.5 usd that he will get in on 26 April.

From left: Chanty, Nika and Kosal

From left: Sopal, Kosal, Chanty, Rotha & Cheng

From left: Kosal and Sophal

From left: Kosal, Chanty, Rotha and Sophal

From left: Kosal and Cheng