søndag den 25. december 2011

Christmas 2011

In the books store
Thanks to all the sponsors who made this Christmas donation possible, we spend the money for present for 13 kids and young. Money for buying small presents, school shirts, books, cakes, doctor shirts, skating, participating at school party and so on and so on.
Thanks to everybody for your donations and your interest for this project.
Happy New Year to all of you.
From Orly and her Cambodian kids.
Books for Christmas, fairytales

Christmas shopping

Cosy time for Christmas in Borin's room

Photos from Denmark in the background

My godson Borin start his mecial practice tomorrow. We gave him 2 doctor shirt as Christmas present.

New school shirts to all the kids

søndag den 11. december 2011

Laundry service

during my visit to Cambodia, I have experienced how difficult it is for the small boys to keep their white school shirts clean and decided to pay for laundry service in the future. I looked for a laundry in the nearness of the temple with Borin and we agreed on the price.

Later Yos agreed to collect the shirts from the 4 little boys every Sunday and bring them to them to the laundry.

lørdag den 19. november 2011

Dinner is ready

Sna, making everyone happy by his laugh

tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Last day in Phnom Penh

Breakfast is served at Borins room in front of the TV

Sophal and Cheng playing Lego



From the left: Cheng, Sophal and Kosal


Sophal and kosal

Soon leaving Phnom Penh

Last tea and cakes

Bye bye kids

søndag den 13. november 2011

A day in Phnom Penh

Last shopping in Phnom Penh

Traditional ricecake seller

Saru buy ricecakes to the kids

Borin and his six kids

Sophal and Cheng


From the left: Kosal & Sophal

Our tuk-tuk driver, Mr. Leng

lørdag den 12. november 2011

Visting Water Park


Borin and me


Kosal and Chanty

Chanty, Sna and Kosal

Sna, Kosal and Chanty

End of a happy day in Water Park

Borin is buying sweets and fruits for the kids

On the way back to Phnom Penh, 9 persons on one tuk-tuk
Borin bought corn on the way back

fredag den 11. november 2011

Relaxing day

Sna & Cheng at the hotel pool


Sophal at the temple

The kids play by cooking juice from wild fruits


Rotha and Cheg

Borin and "his" six kids

Water Festival

Hotel Phnom Penh, much better than the temple....