søndag den 11. oktober 2009

Yos started grade 12 in highschool

Yos is writing:

"Orly you know now i get successful from the exam and now day I'm studying grade 12. It's possible by your help to me and I really want to say thank you so much. I still remember you and in the high school I always think that I'm really very lucky than another students that I have you to help me. Oh i started study grade 12 on 2 10 2009"....

School information about Rotha

Borin is writing:

"Yesterday, I went to see my grand mother with my mother in my home village, and I got a phone call from SIS secretary telling me all the good things about Rotha, the boy, such as he goes to school regularly, respect the rule of school, try hard to study, never makes debate with others students and so on. She said she got all this admiring from his teacher coming to administration department to tell about this.

I was happy with that. He is a good boy enough like I expect. I will tell him when I go back PP.
In the photo is the new school bag of the girl, Chanty, that she bought after I told you before. "

Dear sponosors: thanks for your help, without your money we could not help Rotha and Chanty with an education as we do now.