søndag den 21. december 2014

Merry Christmas

Chheng in the dinningroom of the monks


From left: Sophal, Chanty, Kosal & Chheng


Dear Friends
Year 2014 had a terrific start, Borin got, as a newly graduated doctor, his dream job at a private hospital, fantastic, well-paid position in Cambodia well known and best hospital. He had to move to Siem Reap which is about 6-7 hours drive from Phnom Penh and he needed to leave the "small kids", which is now quite grown up, alone in Phnom Penh. They need to manage themselves, which has created lot of challenges.
Borin maintaining close contact with them and to the school by mobile phone. Chanty is also nice to help Borin with information about the three boys, but nevertheless it is a huge challenge. The boys do have a weak background and have difficulty taking care of themselves without an adults daily push.
We have tried to involve, more and more, Chhengs half brother who also lives in the temple and we got his help but it is a daily challenge. It is hard to find people in the temple with resources to help the kids, most of the people there have poor background in any aspects.

This year Kosal i doing 6th grade, Sophal and Chheng do 7th grade, Chanty started 1. grade in high school and Rotha do 2. year in high school (out of 3 years). They are all in the "critical" age so Borin and I keep our "fingers crossed" that they can manage this path in life.

With these great photos from the temple, we thnak you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
The warmest greetings and best wishes for 2015.
Borin & Orly

onsdag den 24. september 2014

Congratulation to Key

Key has completed last month his IT studies at university with good results, and already has a job. After graduating, he has been on a trip to Siem Reap, a visit that everyone in Cambodia dream of experiencing.
I send Key my best wishes for a bright future, it will certainly be a huge help to have a good IT education in hand.

mandag den 26. maj 2014

Srey - a new girl in our project

Srey is a new young girl in our project. Last year, she finished high school in the country side where she live in a small village with her father. She managed to get a scholarship to study in the capital Phnom Penh where she is now studying IT. She has a job where she earns for living and our project will help her to study English at a private school beside her job and IT studies. We wish Srey good luck with her education.

Srey in her home in the village


onsdag den 30. april 2014

From kids to kids

Three small kids in Denmark collected 40 USD to my kids in Cambodia. A little girl, Karen in Denmark, follow Sophal in Cambodia for several years, together with two other small kids she sold birdseeds and gave the money to Sophal in Cambodia.

Sophal will use 20 USD for him self and the other 20 USD was used today for a cosy hour together with Borin who  is visiting the kids in Phnom Penh this week.

Borin is working now in a private hospital in Siem Reap, which is about 6 hours drive from the kids in Phnom Penh, this week he is visiting Phnom Penh so the kids enjoy both his visit and the cosy hour in their favorite restaurant BB Burger.


mandag den 7. april 2014

Khmer New Year

Sophal, Chanty and Cheng
 Next week the kids celebrate the biggest holiday in Cambodia, the Khmer New Year. Our children did shopping for New Year, new clothes, shoes and school bags. All the kids will visit their villages for New Year. Sophal will have the longest trip, he goes to visit his grandma, a bus ride of 8 hours and will also have the chance to visit Borin in Siem Reap. I wish them all a happy New Year.


Cheng and Chanty

Rotha, Cheng, Chanty, Sophal and Kosal



Chanty, Cheng, Sophal and Kosal

Rotha, Cheng, Chanty, Sophal and Kosal

fredag den 24. januar 2014

Congratulation Dr. Borin

Mission complete, after 6 years of university studies and two years' of practice in different hospitals Borin defended his final thesis this week and got a job at the same time.
He got a job at the famous Kantha Bopha hospital which was his top priority and furthermore he will work with his favorite topic as pediatrician.
Two wonderful news at the same week, It could not be better, he has worked hard and under hard conditions in order to achieve his goal and he deserve it. We wish him the best for the coming future as a doctor.

Borin in his small room in the temple

River side - 2009

Borin in Siem Reap

World Heritage - Ankor Wat

Otress Beach

Practice at Kontha Bopha hospital