tirsdag den 16. oktober 2012

Kosal start at Singapore International School

From the left: Cheng, Krem, Rotha, Kosal and Sopal
Kosal is just started in 4. class. He has had a difficult start when he started school, two years too late, and had to catch up with the other students. Now he is so much forward with his Khmer reading so Borin and I have decided to send him to the same private school where the other kids get English lessons.
Kosal continues, as the other children, in public school, he will go to private school in the morning and public school in the afternoon.
The school offer transportation and for that we need to pay 12, - USD per month.

Borin sent also a photo of the monthly supply, he purchase the same every month: milk, noodles and peanutes, washing powder, new toothbrushes for everybody, toothpaste, soap and shampoo.