mandag den 31. august 2009

Chanthy and Ratha

Dear Orly
About the children, though I’ve not reported you all things on time, but I always try to complete all offering to them on time like buying food and spending for other need as I’ve planed. This time food is for one month, and later on I will buy for them one month a time like this spending around 32 usd each time, I’m thinking, if you agree with me, that I will take some amount money from money using for their extra-food to add directly to the boy, Rotha, 2000 Riels, 0.5 $, per day and every day for his eating at SIS (English school) when he goes to study as his aunt has complained that she has some financial problem for a while because she is now breaking from her selling at high school during this big holiday of students. It’s just for a while. Perhaps only one month more. If I do that for one month I can spend only about 25 usd for each time of their two months more food. If you agree, I will do.

Now, they are fine and processing life as usual. The girl has English class everydays as the boy do. I’ve missed to test their English learning for long time as I was busy, but I will find a time. On 7, September, 2009 I will spend 220 usd for the boy’s English school, SIS, for the coming new year. Last year school charged him 250 usd for full year.
For me, I will start my year 5 in October (medical school). I have to go to English school only at the weekend, and I also have joined some good workshops as well that I gained new information a lot. You know in Cambodia, stock market might be processed by the end of 2010. I’ve join a workshop saying about it in my English school. It is very new to me and Cambodian people as well, but I think it is too old in your country as all of you have understood it well so long time, but I just did. For what I am doing next is like my plan and also looking more practicing at hospital in my free time.

For the phone, I bought that kind of hand phone. The money was that some from sponsors and some from my mother. In fact my mother had encouraged me to buy it since she heard I talked about its usefulness. Now, she she is happy that I could by what I needed
Modern things are not influenced or attracted my feel so much, but I just want to get the useful of those modern technologies if possible only. I decide to use it not because I want to make modernization…….. It is a second hand phone. I have to take some risk with this buying as I don’t know how long it can be used, but I checked it already and it is now working very well. It offers me many useful things. On the other hand my nowadays PC is also a second hand one but it still can work very well till, I do love it.
If I compare with my medical classmates, some of them are using higher than 4 or 500 $ for hand phone.

Thank you again……..!! Have a nice day & good health.

Best regards & love from Borin

Saru visit the Cambodian senate

Yesterday, Thursday, I went on official study-tour at Cambodian Senate. There are about 70 students who come from different classes but the same teacher.
My class is a Cambodian Constitution class, so we go there in order to do research and study about the Senate. I went there with my Buddhist Monk Friend who studies with me in Pali School (monk school). I did really enjoy that tour and I also understand more about the Cambodian Senate.
After the visit, the students must do report about what they have learnt at least 2 pages. The deadline is on Monday. Now I didn't get it finish yet. At the same class (Constitution), I have a big assignment for the midterm. There are 7 members in my group. The topic is The National Assembly and Its Constitutional Power. The problem is that my group is the first group of doing the presentation on 7 Mon, September. I'm afraid we didn't finish it on time. Because doing something in the group-form is very difficult. We hardly meet each other.
In the World Civilization Class, I have a long chapter to do summery, and study on the world map. I am so busy even for buying the World Map I don't have time to go to the Book Store. I don't have any homework at the Introduction to Economic, but I also have a lot of assignment at Khmer World Translation Center.
Everything else is normal.
Love Saru

fredag den 28. august 2009

Hello from Yos

Dear Orly and Claus

How do you do? today I'm so very happy and I say sorry for you and my sponsers for the too late answer to you. You know my mother she just have a problem with truble so the money that you send to me 165 USD I spend some money for medicine for her but don't worry it's still enough for me for pay food and some books for school.
Oh, please say thank so much for my sponsers and I never forget to thank you for helping me and anybody in Khmer Country and I very much miss you.

How about the weather like in your country? For Phnom Penh has alot of rain everyday so it's the problem for everybody live in city. Oh i forgot to ask you how about your health and Claus? Hope you are well like us too.

You know the money that you send me for pay for something is alot and I tell my mother about that she said that you are good person and she say thank alot to you and wish you to meet good luck all the times. For me today I'm very really happy to write email to you. It is so long time I can''t reply to you.
Love from Yos
Have a nice day

søndag den 2. august 2009

Mail from Borin (study medicine)

Dear Orly & Claus

Thanks a lot for you and all the sponsors..........
As I sent you a sms, I had been back from my hometown to Phnom Penh since last Monday as my nephew's sickness but I'm the one who have to take care him during his treatment in the hospital in PP as he has a bad disease and need to stay in the hospital for a long time to treat to be better, and my mother had to go back for a few days for her selling, as well as my older sister who is the mother of my sick nephew. My nephew had meningitis, and it is a bit lucky that we sent him to the right hospital on time. Till now he is still in hospital called Kunth Bopha, in PP, free of charge hospital opening since 1992 getting the fun from foreigners, especially an Australian man. Till now this hospital has been saving millions of Cambodian children.

As above reason, I have to stay with my nephew all the day and night in that hospital, but I also get some learning from it, and my nephew now is being better. Today, I have some mid term tests at my English school that I have to come so I asked a good friend to stay with my small nephew for a day. So in my break time I can check mail and write you as I was sure that you will write me a mail. It is lucky that I check today so Saru will not be late to pay his school fee as you told him that he has to wait for me. I will call him to get the money as soon as he need. I did not know it because he does not call to tell me and I just check mail but now it is not late for him as I know.

For the money, it is really a big amount, and increasing from time to time. Now, I just can say very thanks to all of you and get money to work for our future. In fact, I have only thankful, honest, respect, and love in my mind to all of you applying your kind help and regards to us.

For spending, about the children, it will be spent like before if we have no any new idea or plan. For me, I will spend 100 usd for the rest of my English school fee. It is the last time of my spending for my year 4 of English University. Since the beginning of year 3 I have paid for my English school by the money of you all help as the school gives me to pay step by step so I have enough space. Now, I nearly finish semester one of year 4 of my BA English study, but this University is not qualified like PUC of Saru as it is not too expensive as well, and even though I spend money to study extra English outside it is nearly the same a mount of money by studying in this University, I will get a certificate of BA in Education of English. I spend 250 usd for each year 3 and year 4, and I can spend for 3 time to complete total fee. The rest money, I always spend on my general studies needs especially copy the books. This time, I am thinking weather it is right or not that I will use some rest money among this 70 to buy a second hand mobile phone, O2 phone, that my friend spent about 50 usd to buy an O2 phone and it is usable. I want this kind of phone as it is very useful mobile phone for studies that will make it easy for me to check out my lessons of medicine, like many kind of diseases- their signs, causes, and treatment, using of medicine..., all the time I need because we can transfer the data from Computer to it. And my friend can even check internet by his mobile phone as in Cambodia now, there are many phone number systems are being opened with competition each other, so some companies give free numbers, we call Sim Card, with internet connecting free for the student especially...... I don't know about the sponsors idea if they don't like that I will find other way...

But now my lovely nephew problem is what I have to do first, I hope he can be better very soon, so I can go back to my studies. I don't want to break for long time. I plan to do more practice at Calemette hospital and increasing reading about medicine as much as possible during my holiday from medical school for at least 1 month and a haft. I am also looking forward to see my result of semester 2 of medicine.

I am so sorry about the cd you sent Saru that I heart from him it was broken when he got it from the post man. I do want to see those photos.

At last, I wish you all good health, happy and have a good day.

Best regards & love
from Borin