fredag den 28. august 2009

Hello from Yos

Dear Orly and Claus

How do you do? today I'm so very happy and I say sorry for you and my sponsers for the too late answer to you. You know my mother she just have a problem with truble so the money that you send to me 165 USD I spend some money for medicine for her but don't worry it's still enough for me for pay food and some books for school.
Oh, please say thank so much for my sponsers and I never forget to thank you for helping me and anybody in Khmer Country and I very much miss you.

How about the weather like in your country? For Phnom Penh has alot of rain everyday so it's the problem for everybody live in city. Oh i forgot to ask you how about your health and Claus? Hope you are well like us too.

You know the money that you send me for pay for something is alot and I tell my mother about that she said that you are good person and she say thank alot to you and wish you to meet good luck all the times. For me today I'm very really happy to write email to you. It is so long time I can''t reply to you.
Love from Yos
Have a nice day

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