mandag den 31. august 2009

Saru visit the Cambodian senate

Yesterday, Thursday, I went on official study-tour at Cambodian Senate. There are about 70 students who come from different classes but the same teacher.
My class is a Cambodian Constitution class, so we go there in order to do research and study about the Senate. I went there with my Buddhist Monk Friend who studies with me in Pali School (monk school). I did really enjoy that tour and I also understand more about the Cambodian Senate.
After the visit, the students must do report about what they have learnt at least 2 pages. The deadline is on Monday. Now I didn't get it finish yet. At the same class (Constitution), I have a big assignment for the midterm. There are 7 members in my group. The topic is The National Assembly and Its Constitutional Power. The problem is that my group is the first group of doing the presentation on 7 Mon, September. I'm afraid we didn't finish it on time. Because doing something in the group-form is very difficult. We hardly meet each other.
In the World Civilization Class, I have a long chapter to do summery, and study on the world map. I am so busy even for buying the World Map I don't have time to go to the Book Store. I don't have any homework at the Introduction to Economic, but I also have a lot of assignment at Khmer World Translation Center.
Everything else is normal.
Love Saru

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