mandag den 31. august 2009

Chanthy and Ratha

Dear Orly
About the children, though I’ve not reported you all things on time, but I always try to complete all offering to them on time like buying food and spending for other need as I’ve planed. This time food is for one month, and later on I will buy for them one month a time like this spending around 32 usd each time, I’m thinking, if you agree with me, that I will take some amount money from money using for their extra-food to add directly to the boy, Rotha, 2000 Riels, 0.5 $, per day and every day for his eating at SIS (English school) when he goes to study as his aunt has complained that she has some financial problem for a while because she is now breaking from her selling at high school during this big holiday of students. It’s just for a while. Perhaps only one month more. If I do that for one month I can spend only about 25 usd for each time of their two months more food. If you agree, I will do.

Now, they are fine and processing life as usual. The girl has English class everydays as the boy do. I’ve missed to test their English learning for long time as I was busy, but I will find a time. On 7, September, 2009 I will spend 220 usd for the boy’s English school, SIS, for the coming new year. Last year school charged him 250 usd for full year.
For me, I will start my year 5 in October (medical school). I have to go to English school only at the weekend, and I also have joined some good workshops as well that I gained new information a lot. You know in Cambodia, stock market might be processed by the end of 2010. I’ve join a workshop saying about it in my English school. It is very new to me and Cambodian people as well, but I think it is too old in your country as all of you have understood it well so long time, but I just did. For what I am doing next is like my plan and also looking more practicing at hospital in my free time.

For the phone, I bought that kind of hand phone. The money was that some from sponsors and some from my mother. In fact my mother had encouraged me to buy it since she heard I talked about its usefulness. Now, she she is happy that I could by what I needed
Modern things are not influenced or attracted my feel so much, but I just want to get the useful of those modern technologies if possible only. I decide to use it not because I want to make modernization…….. It is a second hand phone. I have to take some risk with this buying as I don’t know how long it can be used, but I checked it already and it is now working very well. It offers me many useful things. On the other hand my nowadays PC is also a second hand one but it still can work very well till, I do love it.
If I compare with my medical classmates, some of them are using higher than 4 or 500 $ for hand phone.

Thank you again……..!! Have a nice day & good health.

Best regards & love from Borin

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