mandag den 21. december 2009

From the kids to the sponsors

Dear Orly & Claus,
This mail is to send you the pictures of childrens food, and I don’t have much things to tell about them (I just gave 30$ to their aunt, and showing in the picture what she bought for this amount of money, I could'nt buy it myself as I have class as well this Sunday). They are fine, and they have their class regularly, also their English part time class as well. Rotha at SIS ( and Chanty with Meng Cheng, small boy, studying one hour everyday near WAT Koh (our temple). Though, I couldn’t know the recent result of Chanty CD4 (HIV), but I see she is being healthy now resulting from extra-food as well. If she couldn’t get information about her CD4 (HIV) next time, I will take her to private laboratory to check it.

When I will send pictures of their extra-food next time, It will be in 2010, so I would like to say something as well in the end of this year 2009.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for a lot of things that you and all the sponsors have helped us till the end of this 2009, and THANKS a lot for all the kind people at your working place, Guldmann A/S, for their kind donation, 2000$, for your education aid project to Cambodia in the next 2010.

You all still increase and continue to help us though you have been hearing a lot of corruption information happening among Cambodian people related to the help from foreign countries to Cambodia. These kind of corruptions really give bad influence to all Cambodian people include us, and it is also cutting down those kind helps to the poor people, especially orphan children who are suffering by the condition of their lives, and praying for kind helps to stand up in a better life. It is not strange or such chock to me hearing about corruption in my country as I heard a lot. So fare, it seems it became people’s habit in my society, but it was new for me to see directly this corruption story that was related to that rich man and you at your visit in Cambodia.
Orly, people can say very sweet and honestly to the ears, but doing is different…..It is the real condition of my country right now, in a state of a developing one. I don’t hate my country - I love it, and I can’t blame others people as well, but I have to start with myself. I do want to see my country becomes developed one like other countries in one day.

You and the sponsors’ help also give me a pressure related to the results of our studies in the short future, as I don’t know what we will become, but I am doing my best and also praying to be positive results as well.

I still think of the great work and help of you, Orly, who spend your valuable time, and try your best to help us and also enlarging this help, my cousin for example.

I consider your money and the sponsors’ are like my mother’s money that I have to think and discuss before spending them. I myself who asked you to help, for example my cousin, so I will suggest you to stop it, as well, if I find out the money couldn’t go to the right target.

For the total help till now, I see it has been increasing by time, and making changing a lot as well, for example like the kids I can compare their first picture in your blog with their pictures right now, they grew up better, and being looked more smiling than that time. It is like you said to me recently, you not only have helped us with money but also warm our mind by your compassionate heart. These activities really touch our lives and feeling, and also our relatives’ heart such as Saru’s family, yos’s mother, my family especially my mother and also my cousin’s mother.

It seems like we all just can say thank you very much again and again to you all, while we are, at the same time, doing actions to change our life.

Now again, I would like to wish you all with the sponsors, a Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2010 becomes another great New Year to all of you, harmony in life and success in your works.

Best regards & love from all of us in Cambodia.

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