tirsdag den 17. november 2009

New little boy in our project

Chanty need a companion to join her to the evening school where she study English. Borin and I decided to find a companion for her and Borin choosed a little boy from the temple.
His name is Meng Cheng and he is 10 years old. His brother is monk like Saru (see him at the photo to the left sitting with my hat). They are 7 siblings in the family, two of them are younger than Meng and the parents live in the border Tai - Cambodia. The monk took his little brother, Meng, with him to the temple in Phnom Penh as he hope to give him opportunity to go to school.
He will join Chanty to English lessons in private school and we will pay his school fee and his books.
Borin told me that Meng and his big brother are happy to get this opportunity so we wish him good luck in his studies and we are happy that Chanty can go together with a boy she know.

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