fredag den 5. marts 2010

01-03-2010 Sopal, new boy in our project

Sopal is 11 years old, much underfeed, his mother died while giving birth to her next baby and left 4 small kids. His father left the kids with the grandmother and went back to his first wife.

The kids ended after a while in an orphan were the other three are still living. Sopal did not thrive in the orphan so his uncle took him to the temple where the uncle lives as a monk.

Borin and I took him to the market, bought him medicine for parasite, new cloths, soap, washing powder and so on. In the future will Borin be his contact person and buy him a hot meal every day and pay his daily English lessons.

It is difficult to explain how happy Sopal was for our help and we wish him good luck in his new chance in life.

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