mandag den 8. marts 2010

Yos is shopping with Kosal

Dear Mother of Hope

Yesterday, I went to shopping with Kosal to buy something for him.
Everything I bought is:
- 1 School Uniform.(1 set)
- 3 Shirts and 3 Shorts.
- 3 Underpants.
- 10 Books, 2 pens, 2 Pencil, 1 eraser, 1 Pencil case, and 1 ruler.
- 2 Shoe for school and another one for walking to everywhere.
- 1 School bag.
- 2 kinds Washing powder ( 1 for clean the hair and another one for clean the cloths)
- 2 toothbrushes.
- 1 big toothpaste.

I spend all everything for Kosal is 25USD. You know when I buy something for Kosal i always tell the seller for discount to Kosal because he is poor son. Like shoe for one is 5 or 7 USD but when i ask to discount is 3 USD and 4 USD... So you can see both of shoe belong to Kosal is very nice and he told me that he love his shoe and all shirts. I buy something for Kosal is follow by his mind. If he loves it I will ask the seller for discount.

So you can see the picture all of this. And I want to take Kosal family but the camera no power so I'm waiting to morrow. I will send the photo Kosal family tomorrow to you. Oh I'm sorry I forget to buy soup for Kosal and i will go to buy soup for him tomorrow in the morning. And I think that everything i buy is enough for Kosal go to school and for living.

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