tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

We donated a bike to Kosal family

Yos wrote me this weekend:
Dear Orly
I buy already a bike on Friday morning. The price is 350.000Reail / 80 USD but after I ask for discount is 300.000Reail / 75 USD. I will take the photo to you when I finish my best examination.

Yos i writing today:
Sure father of Kosal was happy very much with his wife and they say "thank you" to you very much for your kindness to them.

This is the photo of bike. Oh, I forgot to tell you something, I give some money 10.000 Reil to father of Kosal for buying the painting for make a new colour so we can see it beautiful bike and more interesting. I will take the photo of the new colour of bike to you soon.
Photo that I sent you now is not already prepare, not painted.
Tomorrow I finish my exam so I can do everything with Kosal family
Love from yos

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