lørdag den 3. april 2010

Happy New Year to Borin and his 4 kids

Borin informing about party at English school and party at public school of all 4 kids and about the gift
he promised me to buy for the kids:

Dear Orly & Claus,

I hope you all have a good time.
We are fine here.
About the kids, today is the last day of their class and also they had individual class party. Now they have holiday from their public class. It starts from tomorrow 04/04/2010 till 20/04/2010. I came back yesterday evening and they told me about their holiday and party. For the last party of their English school was a bit sorry to inform you as that time they spent 5000 Riels each, but during the party Sophal and Cheng acted out of control and didn't follow their teacher. They tried to eat and drink without caring about their classmates and teacher. It was like a competition eating, and Chanty said she got very little to eat when they did like that. I had a big talk with them already after that.

This time party at public school, Chanty asked me for 5000 Riels , Cheng 3000 Riels and Sophal 3000 Riels. For Rotha, he has today party, wearing his new shirt, the same party but he didn't need money as his teacher made saving little money from him since before, so when party time arrived he doesn't need to pay money for it anymore.
Chanty told me, she did enjoy this time party while last time at English school she was unhappy by Sophal and Cheng behaving.
Today, Cheng and his older brother,monk, went to his hometown. I am not sure about when they come back too. Cheng will be absence from his English class for this reason. They are now free from public class for 16 days. Cheng looks very very happy when his brother allowed him to go to see his parents.

I am leaving at this weekend for my New Year holiday.

I bought already noodle and towels for the kids last morning before going to do my practice. I don't know about it is the kind of towels you wanted or not. I spent 10 usd for these 4 towels, and 16.700 riels for the noodle of Sophal, for the 16 days off school. I gave him already and took some pictures as well but there was some error with my camera and batteries as the result I got only one picture left.

Rotha said he always use his aunt's Khmer traditional skirt when he needs to change his trousers, or after having bath. So He is very happy to get this towel. I don't need to say about Chanty as you can see her smiling in the pictures.:-)))
They thank you very much for this New Year present.

Have a good week!!

We wish you all our best in the chance of our traditional New Year.
The kids in Cambodia

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