søndag den 7. marts 2010

Dany & Rachana, two new brothers in our project

Dany and Rachana, 12 & 10 years old brothers, doing 4. &  5. grade in public school. Live as homeless in the temple area together with the parents and 5 years old little sister. They are still very lucky, they have good parents and both parents earn some money for food, the three kids looks healthy. The father has a motorbike so he transport people for money and the mother is doing some assembling work at home for a shop in the market. They are coming from the country side hoping to find a better life in Phnom Penh. They seem to be very united family, the father help the mother in her job in the evening time and the kids are always around the parents. Both boys go to public school and my help to them will be the payment of daily English lessons. Saru will be the contact person to them and he did the shopping yesterday, spending 38 USD buying them new uniforms, school bags and new cloths.
They do not stay inside the building but outside. The have only one big bed which they all 5 share in the night time. The cover the bed in the night like you see on the last photo.. You can see their cloths hanging on the left side of the bed. This is a home for 5 persons but they are still more lucky than others in Cambodia as they got small jobs and food and most important, they are helping eachother.

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