mandag den 8. marts 2010

Yos is buying food for Kosal

Dear Mother oh Hope

I think that dried fish and more food today can make his family easy to take care it because we can keep for a long time.
In Cambodia Dried fish is a good food and high price. Dried fish for Kosal is best taste that Cambodian people call number 1.
-Dried fish number 1 is 45000Rail for 1kg. and I bought 1.7kg to him. (70000 Rail)
-You can see another food in the picture is 27000Rail for two. (For one 13500 Rail) So Total balance today is 97000Rail and your money now is 3000Rail left.
I got the 50 USD from Saru and yesterday I bought something for Kosal spend 25 USD = 100000Rail.

and today I bought dried fish and another food in the picture and spent 97000Rail.

I want you to know that Kosal family happy, very much, for all the food. And they say that they never eat dried fish number 1 before. Oh I forget to tell you, this evening the family of Kosal will go back the village because they need to sign on “book of family”. You know they need to make birth certificate? If we need to make birth certificate for someone we must have a “book of family”. And Kosal family do not have book of family so they can not make birth paper for Kosal. The first they need to do is to make a book of family and than to make birth certificate later.
Best Regard

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