tirsdag den 21. december 2010

Sophal start at SIS (Singapore International School) - private school

Sophal in front of the temple with his new school uniform

A new sponsor in Denmark gave me the opportunity to improve the condition of this fantastic 11 years old boy, Sophal. Sending him to a part time private school and feeding him up, he is 130 cm and only 22-23 kg. You can read more about his background in a former notification from 1. March 2010. It will be fantastic to follow him in the coming months.

Borin wrote us today (29-12-2010):

Dear Orly & Claus
All things for Sophal to at start SIS is done today. He will start at SIS from tomorrow morning.
Among all the things, I asked Yos to help me by bringing Sophal to buy him the new shoes.
All the spending is like below:
School fee: 275 $
Car transporting: 12.8 $( as he starts from 30/12/10 till 3/1/2011: 1 month and 2 days)
West : 7.5 $
Text book: 8 $
Shoes: 5.6$
Total is 308.9 USD
He is very happy !! Great thanks from him!!

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