søndag den 1. maj 2011

Visiting Cambodia Apr. 2011

New clothes from Denmark

After shopping, books, games, puzzles, balls, baloons etc.

Sophal in Water Park

From the left: Cheng, Rotha, Chanty, Chhon, Yos, Kosal, Sna, May and Saru

Saru after he left the monkhood at april 13th

Sailing on the Mekong

From the left: Kosal, Sophal, Orly, Cheng and Borin

From left: Chanty, Sophal and Kosal

Sophal and Chanty

Breakfast in the temple, Cheng and Kosal

Cheng with all his belongings, his schoolbag and a plastic bag with clothes, he sleep outside with Kosal on this bed.

Borin and his loving kids

Mother of Borin visiting the temple in Phnom Penh

From the left: Sophal, Kosal and Cheng

Borin is working on his laptop from Denmark and the kids watch tv

Burger Dinner

Lunch at our usual restaurant

Kosal hanging clothes after wash

On the way to the airport

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