lørdag den 4. juni 2011

Borin did shopping for the kids today

Borin did some shopping today for the kids, it is some Soya milk and noodles which our project support the kids besides their breakfast and dinner.
Per 1. of June we started a new arrangement, the aunt of Rotha and Chanty will make dinner for all the kids so they don't need to buy from outside and we hope that for the same money they can get better and more food.
The portion you see in photo is for one month, for June, for 6 kids so it is not much.

Borin is writing:
I bought today somethings like you see in the pictures. Sophal got his small present (for his good results in school) included a pair of new shoes, pen and extra soybean milk. His shoes were loosed so far, and Kosal's shoes were broken too, not the shoes to school but the shoes they wear in the temple everyday. It is dirty to walk without shoes in the bathroom, and spread dirtiness to my room as well, but they don't have so much habit of wearing shoes all the time.
MILO (cocoa drink) is for them and Coffee is for me. I do need coffee in the coming time (because of exams at medical school), and it might be only at mid-night time that could be always peace and quite for me...
You see a lamp in the picture, the aunt, Rotha and Chanthy could us if they need, like you wish, but they now have dinner in my room, so normally they don't need it, but I need it when i study at night as the light I am having is too bright when people are sleeping.

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