fredag den 11. november 2011

Visiting the home of Kosal and the mother of Borin

Visiting Kosals parents.

Foto: his mother and two smaller sisters.

The aunt of Chanty and Rotha is helping the mother of Kosal to preper the lunch.

The 4 siblings of Kosal indside the house.

The mother of Kosal in front of their home.

I'm the first foreigner in the village so the neighbors are very interested in meeting me.

The old ladies are interested in talking to "Doctor Borin", our project leader in Cambodia

The home of the grandparents of Kosal

The grandparents to the left, the parents to the right and Kosal with his 4 siblings.

The kitchen

Lunch is served

I sponsored the food and they had the honor to preper a nice lunch. The food cost me 12,50 USD and a worker earn 75 USD per month. No wonder why they are all under feeded.

We had a couple of hours on the beach in the nearness of Kosals village.

Pottery seller

Borins mother love kids like her son.

Dinner at Borins mother, from the left: our driver, Borin sister, his mother and me.

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