fredag den 1. juni 2012

International Children's day

Today the kids are free from school in Cambodia as they celebrate International Children’s day.

Yesterday, the school marked the day by giving gifts to parentless and poor kids and Borin informed me that Sophal got many gifts from all his classmates.

Borin wrote me:

Those presents are mostly notebooks, nice qualities, thick notebooks, pens, rulers, around 10 noodles, and you see an envelope on the photo? It is money. He got around 2.5 USD!

He finished it yesterday, all the money,

I asked him, would you like to keep it with me, this present money, but he seems don't want to keep with me as he is so happy to have it and seemed want to do something, I don't want to force him, just let him do as he liked with this money, then it is finished in one day......

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