mandag den 1. juli 2013

Summer in Phnom Penh

From left: Rotha, Chanty, Cheng, Kosal and Sophal

New school uniforms
 Borin is leaving Phnom Penh tomorrow for the second time this year, he is sent for three months practice at a good hospital in Siem Reap. I decided this time to “invest” in some support for the kids and I found a girl to look after them, help them in doing homework, wash them self and their cloths and just being with them. She will come daily in the coming three months and I hope that it will be a help for all of them.
The kids will continue in public- and private school as usual, they don’t have summer vacation.
Borin spent some money this week buying new cloths for all of them, for daily use and school uniforms.
With this new summer cloths we will wish all of you a good summer where ever you are.

From left: Kosal and Sophal

The new Nanny in our project, Kim
Borin invited Kim and the kids for a dinner in Lucky Burger so they could meet each other .

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