søndag den 22. februar 2015

Borin visit the kids in the temple today

After Borin left Phnom Penh because of his new job in Siem Reap, the children miss an adult supervision. Therefore, since we have received an additional donation, Borin and I have chosen to spend the donation on hiring a student, Chuon, to keep an eye on the children and help them with the daily issues/challanges. Chetra live in the temple as he can not afford to rent a room in Phnom Penh.
Today Borin came to Phnom Penh to visit the kids (a bus trip of 7 hours each way) and he sent me some photos and video explaining why Chheng doesn't have hair.
from the left: Chuon, Kosal, Chheng, Chanty and Sophal

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