torsdag den 6. august 2015

Summer report - August 2015

We arrived in Cambodia on Sunday, and it's not an encouraging sight which greeted us at the airport.
Since Borin graduated as a doctor, got a job in Siem Reap (city of Ankor Wat) and moved from the temple the situation for kids has deteriorated sharply. Without Borins protection have other adults moved into their room, as a result the kids have lost their status and rights, the right to their furniture and room and must sleep on the floor again.
Sopal came to the airport limping because of an ankle injury after a kick, with inflammation of both eyes and skin fungus in the face so our trip went quickly to a pharmacy.

Chanty was sick, vomited, had both headache and fever, Borin was concerned that she had meningitis and has done everything he could through his contacts with other doctors to get her into the best hospital in Phnom Penh without payment . She was hospitalized Monday morning and is still hospitalized, but it is going better with her.

Kosal look good physically, but was very sad as he failed in school and will not be allowed to move up from sixth to seventh grade, he must do 6. grade again.

Cheng has to turn well after he was moved from the temple to Borin in Siem Reap at the end of April. We hope that he has overcome the crisis caused by the physical violence which he has suffered for many years in the temple and that he can continue his studies in Siem Reap after the summer vacation.

All in all a little miserable situation, sad to think that they need to survive under these conditions while we almost don't like to stay in the temple for more than few hours.

The next days we will focus on having good time and keep our fingers crossed that they come  through and manage school so they can get an education.

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