tirsdag den 15. september 2015

Kosal became monk

I have been informed today that Kosal has become a monk yesterday. We do not know the motives for his choice. He has the last month been in his home village for the summer vacation. We have received the message from his mother, she survives in Phnom Penh by selling fruits on the streets. His parents are both in Phnom Penh and lives as homeless while his siblings live in the village.
Kosal has never shown interest in becoming a monk, he may seeks status, attention or is under pressure by his parents or other Family members..... not easy to know.
In any case, life as a monk is limited in Cambodia, so we'll see how long he "holds out".

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Great Journeys sagde ...

Becoming monk doesn't mean the end of life or universe. You can join the these sacred things to get inner satisfaction and calmness. This can help him boost his energy to fight against the adverse situation of the world around him.
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