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Yos - ten years later

2006 Yos to the left, with Saru and Borin at the temple Wat Koh
We met Yos at our first trip to Cambodia in 2016. At that time he was a poor monk. We supported him for some years so he could finish high school and start university. At that time he was quite "alone in the world", became monk as a child in order to survive when his Grandma died.

He left the monkhood when we started to support him, but stil lived in the temple until he got married. He met Nika at university, at the same time he had a job as a sound technician in a TV/radio station, she got a job at the samle place, as a TV newscaster.

TEN YEARS LATER: Yos added 20 kg. to his weight :-), he is married, have a little cute and healthy boy. The last news from Yos is that they now bought a new (50 M2) house which is under construction. They will enter the new home within 7 months and need to pay 416 USD x 204 months! Fantastic story for us to follow.
Yos in 2016 with his baby boy
Yos and Nika, 2016
The new house outside area
Tilføj billedtekst
Tilføj billedtekst
Tilføj billedtekst

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