søndag den 6. november 2016

Sophal - new home in Siem Reap

I decided that it is time for Sophal to leave the temple in Phnom Penh and for the first time in his life to have a home. I rented a room for 45 USD for Sophal and his older brother, Sokly.

His brother grew up in a NGO, finished high school and just started in university, he is working as hotel receptionist.
Sokly, promised to support Sophal and therefore I decided that it is best for Sophal to live with his brother instead of staying as homeless in the temple.

Sophal moved now to Siem Reap, the city of Angkor Wat, 7 hours drive from Phnom Penh. Borin, who is also living in Siem Reap found a room for the two brothers just near by his apartment.

Sophal with Borins baby
Sophal and his Brother, first day in the room.

New school uniform, belt and shoes 25 USD

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