tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

News from the motorshop

The shop to the left and the house of Peach and Sot ot the right.
Saru is writing today about Sot & Peach and the motorshop:
"In the early morning, he gets up and takes his motor with the cart to collect the batteries at every house. After he starts the machine to charge the batteries, he waits for the broken down motors (Customers). He has a good earns from the Motor Shop, he only fix up the flat tier. If the inner tube, wheel, or some machine components need to be changed, Sot doesn't have the spare parts to replace the old to the new one, so it's the problem. It's too expensive for them to buy all the components in order to have them on stock for the customers needs. Moreover, Sot is still in lack of some tools. Now the Model or Series of Motor are always updating and he buys one by one by one as possible. The tool is too expensive as well. Sot doesn't dare to open the shop officially to the public because as you know he still in lack of some components, Especially TOOLS. If he doesn't have tool, he cannot do anything. Some Customers always complain to him how can he open the shop without having enough tools.....I always discuss with Peach and Sot about how to improve their lives. Idon't want to see them living in the bad condition. I want them to have a better house. Not like the present time (see photo)"

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