mandag den 3. maj 2010

New school bag and shoes

Dear Orly & Claus,
We are ok.
About the kids, I bought them know again their materials studies such as pens, pencils, rulers, and erasers.

Sopahal shoes and Chanty’s bag have completely broken that couldn’t be fixed, and they asked me for new ones, so I gave money to them to ask Chanty’s aunt to help them to buy as she had to go to the market too. They bought already in the morning. I also told her to choose the good quality ones. They spent 8 usd totally, and I see her new bag and Sophal’s shoes. I can see the bag is better quality than before as this bag is made from cotton while last time bag was made from plastic mostly.
Chanty, Sophal and Cheng went together with the aunt, and in this afternoon, my mother came to the same market to buy some goods for her shops. She is a very long-term customer to many sellers in that market. My mother called me to meet her there, so I took Cheng with me again, as Cheng wasn’t bought anything in the morning together with Chanty and Sophal. I couldn’t take Chanty or Sophal with us as I had to drive my mother too after buying.
My mother bought me and Cheng good food and drink to eat in the market. It is the same market that we often go together with you when you are here. She got some free dry fish for me from those sellers as well, and I gave some to Chanty and some to Cheng when I came back.

For Sophal, he gets everyday 3000 Reils (0,75 USD) even the day that he doesn’t have class and Chanty gets responsibility to control his spending. I normally give his money to Chanty and she will give him 2000 Riels in the morning for breakfast and does the checking what he buys every time. In the afternoon she will give him his rest 1000 riels and does the same control. Chanty gets understand our meaning of what kind of things that we allow them to buy for this money, so I let her to help me with this thing.

The three small kids are now more enjoyable and playing together, and love each more than before, and they are also giving me their trust and obeying.

For sure, they are looking forward your next time visiting.

During writing this mail, the three kids are now sitting in my room behind me, taking their English books to read together, as I just said to them: "you all just playing when being free from school, I don’t see anyone take any books to read"..., so they went immediately to take the books to read. Also Rotha is being here as well, also Cheng’s brother is coming to ask some question about their English learning.

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