lørdag den 15. maj 2010

Information from Yos about Kosal

I spend 3000 Reil (0,75 USD) for one day ( 2000Reil for hot food and 1000Reil for food at school like you told me). Now I still have $15 for Kosal.

About Kosal, I always give the advice to him and he understands me. However I do my best with Kosal and I never forget looking after him.

For bed, is okay for them and they love it very much. The bed on the picture you sent me before is difficult for them to keep and it cost just $ 17 but I want you to know again that If we buy a bed like you asked me, how can they keep it? Because is so big and you know already Kosal family doesn't have home and not sure place in Wat Koh (our temple) so if I buy modern bed for him is so easy for them to keep. How can he keep? He can keep it in the bike.

You know, the bed that I bought is $30 in one shop and another shop is $25 but after I ask the price for discount again and again is just $20.

This bed I show in the picture is very easy for use and good for sleeping.

Mother of Kosal went to clinic for a few days a go. She can't not use the birth control because her health is weak however the doctor gave her some medicine to make her more healthy. After that she will be able to use the birth control. Medicine cost 2 USD and 1 USD for checking her health.

Recently she asked me some money to buy the rice because she doesn't have rice to eat but anyway I gave her some of my own rice.

Please say hello and thank and very big hug to my sponsors for all of money to me. (I got USD 70 from Saru).

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