fredag den 18. juni 2010

Information about the kids

Borin went with Chanty to the hospital to get the results of her HIV blood test.

The results are much better than last time. Her antivirus rose from 23% to 33% and it should be over 25% so right now her HIV is under control and she is fit for fight. She got also Hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital. Borin told me that she looks healthy and what is more important, she now believe that she can survive; we are giving her a hope.

I have daily contact with Borin about the kids and he tells me that they play better together now, they don’t fight so much as before and they don’t discriminate each other as before. Especially Chanty was very much discriminated by the other kids and adults because of her HIV but after she entered our project she is much more protected and accepted by the others in the temple area.

Borin is doing a great job trying to avoid the adults in beating the small kids and he also explains the kids that it is forbidden to beat each other. The motto of our project is that children that join our project must TALK together not BEAT each other.

They do progress every day and they contact Borin about the daily problems they have.

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