mandag den 8. december 2008

Hello from Borin in Cambodia

Dear Orly & Claus
Very wonderful about your blog, I am very glad to see it even though I don't understand what the text mean. I continued to send this blog to a good friend, only one. I hope you don't mind about this.
Thank you very much for everything!!!!
About the children, thanks for all your idea, without you I can not do it as well. Maybe you feel happy with your help to the children; I also very happy with what I can do for them too. I can see their smiles. It makes me smile too.
You don't have to worry that the children speak so much about their sponsors in Denmark and this thing make his teacher wants to get more money from him. They don't do like that.
I'm sure the teacher asks him for 5 usd every month, not because he knows this boy has the foreigner sponsor, but this teacher demands 5 usd from all of his students in grade 5. Even though he know this boy is not a son of the rich family and he is staying at the pagoda like this, but this teacher still needs him to pay this 5 usd. I've already recommended the boy to talk to his teacher to get free of paying this 5 usd, but no result.
Anyways, his aunt paid already, and maybe I will not pay instead, I just keep the rest of the money for more drink next time.
Have a nice time!!
Best regards,

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