torsdag den 25. december 2008

School results / Vutha

We got today a long Christmas mail from Borin, this is just a short part telling about the children, Ratha and Chanty:

You asked me the meaning o the names of the children.
In our language, Ratha means state or country and Chanthy means flower.

Now, the boy passed his exam to finish his level "beginner" and continue level one. He told me his teacher said she still needs to spend some more days to finish his old text book then they will start their level 1. You know, they had one week holiday after examination but now he starts his class as normal. He got number 7 among his 21 classmates, and there were 2 children who have to repeat level beginner again. For his public class, he got number 9 among his 25 classmates.

He told me he has to buy a marker and a hand board and maybes a new text book soon. I will give him money to buy.

I can see he is getting well with his studies, and both of them are ok.

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