onsdag den 10. december 2008

Mail from Borin about the children

Dear Orly & Claus
Thank you for all your mails. I’m sorry that I’m late to reply.
I bought the biggest toothpaste for the children already. When I asked them about brushing teeth they told me they have just finished using their toothpaste that I bought for them last time, and their brushes are still ok for them. I also bought them some shampoo for washing their hair, some cake as well.
I paid for the boy’s transporting for this month already and after keeping money for other two months the money remains is 9.5 USD.
In fact the girl still wants the toy car but her aunt blamed her with this so I talked to her aunt already and I also ask the aunt to buy this toy car instead of me and I will pay her, so today they went to buy already while I was helping work at the hospital full of the morning. I told them that I have only 9.5 usd for her toy car but this afternoon they showed me this toy car and their aunt said it cost 14 usd. She said the girl loves this one so she can pay her money to complete my 9.5 usd to be 14 but I decided to pay all 14 usd. This toy car has remote control with rechargeable battery. Both of them love it so much.
For money of Hans’s parents, I spent it to buy medical instruments such as a very nice stethoscope, gloves, face masks, light to see the hole of throat like to find sore throat, tongue pressure, I bought one more doctor’s shirt so I can change when my old one is being dirty. I spent this money mostly on my English study, my English books, for medicine books. I have just made a copy of 7 medicine books from my friend that I have to pay about 25 usd. I can take photos of these things for them if they want to see.
You can put my mail that you want to your blog. For me, and also some of Cambodian people don't blame so much to those teachers. We can not only blame them because the condition of our country nowadays makes them to do that. If the government give them reasonable salary, I think they will not do like this. Our countries are very different, but we have sentiment the same. I can see your mind. Little stones make mountains, Little steps can cover miles, Little acts of loving-kindness give the world smiles. I am very please that I can join my little help with you. I am happy that I can do such a thing, and I am also getting experience from you, and from my work.
Finally, I hope you will have a wonderful time on Christmas Day and the New Year. I pray my best for you all to be always happiness and success with all your work. Have a nice time to USA. I used to know the state of USA called Florida, but I now I know more from you. Very thanks from the children to all of you.
Best regards,

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