fredag den 9. januar 2009

Hello from Borin and the kids

Dear Orly & Claus,

I hope you all are ok. Iʼd like to hear from you all too. For about our lives here are running on as normal. I will finish my practice in Calmatte hospital at the beginning of next month, and then it is time for my semester 1 exams. In semester 2, I will start surgery practice at Russia hospital that is a bit long distance for me to get there from my place.

Until now, more than 3 years that I have tasted many things of life living in Phnom Penh. It is giving me many lessons about my society.

For the children, they are very well. The boy is studying with his new teacher at SIS. He is doing his best I see. Everything is ok, and in your mail you said about sending money. You donʼt have to think about sending money early, because money for his transportation is still remaining for February. Although you couldnʼt send money on time for March or it has others things that need to pay on their studies, I can spend my money instead. Just to mean that you donʼt have to hurry with sending money.

About our weather here, it seems this year has longer winter than normal. Itʼs around 270C. Yes, maybe itʼs hot in your country, but it is a bit cold for us. I have cold often.

Nice to hear about visitors from Denmark, hope they are enjoying their time in Cambodia.

I would like to say hello and send our best regards to all of you,

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