torsdag den 29. januar 2009

Yos is saying thanks for the sponsor money

Dear Only and Claus

Thank alot for your e-mial alot to me. I'm so sorry it's long time to reply you back because i just come back from my Country Town and today i'm had wonderful feeling so much that i just get money $100 from you.
This money that stay with me now, it is not easy way for you because i know that you try to explain your friends for to help my study, so i just want to tell you that i will try to study more and more.
And please help to say thanks to Nina and Anders. This money i'll pay it for just for to study High School and special time only one.

In the finally i wish you have good health all the time and good luck every minute.
Please God and Buddha help you and your family everyday.
Bye Bye See you around.


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