tirsdag den 27. januar 2009

Mail from Borin and the children

Dear Orly & Claus

Iʼve just arrived Phnom Penh this afternoon. Saru, he went to his hometown. In your mail, you want me to buy the children some bread, so this morning on my way back to PP, I bought them some bread at a bread shop on the outskirt of Phnom Penh . When I go to my hometown I bought some bread for my family at this shop as well. As you see, 3 harmburgers, 2 for them and another one for their aunt. I told them that you sent money again. I just want them to taste hamburger that is special bread for us. This hamburger tastes nearly the same as the hamburger you bought for me and Saru at a restaurant near independent monument, but it has better prize than at the restaurant, 2500 Riel (1 USD = 4000 Riel) for one hamburger. And other bread (in the girlʼs hand which they can keep to eat for a few days) costs 1 USD only, so I spent 11500 Riel (about 3 USD) for this time bread. This bread is very fresh. I have to wait some minutes for hamburgers. They like it so much.
The boy has not needed to buy a new text book yet, so I didnʼt spend for his book. I just spent 4.5 USD more for their toy car last time, but the boy still has 12 usd for transportation of next month. I have not gotten this time money yet, maybe when Saru come back.
Welcome for your idea to tell me what should I buy next time and next for their extra food.
Iʼd like to send you all natural smile of the children.
Best regards, Love, and very thanks from Borin and Children

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