lørdag den 21. marts 2009

Good news from Borin and the children

Dear Orly & Claus,

We all are like normal. I hope you are fine too.

Last Sunday, I gave 10 usd to the children telling them to tell their aunt to buy what they need and like to eat such as fruit or others things, and then they gave to their aunt. In this photo is what their aunt bought for them. A case of instant noodle costing nearly 30000 Riel (7,5 USD), and other things, for this instant noodle, it is Cambodia’s product called OUR NOODLE contain 50 packages, one package can make each of them full. It is more expensive than Thailand’s instant noodle in Cambodia, but it tastes good. Maybe their aunt wants them to have this noodle for their breakfast everyday, so she can cut down her spending on them too.
You know she said she think the boy is better than before stronger, and healthier.
Now their total money left is 113 USD. I added 2 usd more on 8usd, so I spend about 10 usd every two weeks, but I told them if what they need is much more than 10 usd I will give more.
I took photos by telephone of another temple boy, so it is not clear like by camera. The photos before that were not clear was because I took by phone not camera.
Maybe, you think this is junk food, but this is what they want. I will try to ask them for other kind of food next time.

Till now the boy still couldn’t get information weather he can borrow books to read at home or not. He tells me he will try to ask his teacher. He tell me all the children are always keep on upstairs before his class finish, but when the class finish they have to get into the car immediately, so it is not easy to get into the library. This time he needs to buy a hand board and a marker to write. I bought him. This month, in his public school the boy, Rotha, gets grade 1, number 1 among his classmates. He said he never get such result before.
In the photos, the boy was wearing his SIS uniform.

For the girl, now she is also studying English in the evening. She herself who ask me for this, she said she wants to studies English now. This time, I see she really wants to study. I think it’s because there are other two girls in the temple who is her friend go to study too. I don’t know how long she can keep her mind that want to study like now. It just cost 3 usd per month (the old English class of the boy before starting SIS). It is in Wat Koh high school which is near the temple. Today, she tell to buy a new toothpaste. I always buy a big one every time. It show that they brush their regularly.

The death of my father, I told you with a mail at that time with other information, but I did not know why you didn’t see it. But it is a sad thing for me, and I think it is not good information for you to know. I think I told you too much about me and my family. Telling bad information is not making you smile, but maybe just troubling your mind.

For my practice this time, my monitor is very strict to me, so I am getting much word from him most of the days. I also have to do much work ordering by him. He is a surgeon in that hospital. Anyway, his strict will cause me try more in my practice. Till now I see many kinds of operation.
Big thanks from all of us, and have a good day, good weekend to all of you!!

Best regards,
Borin & Children

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