søndag den 26. april 2009

Mail from Borin and the kids

Dear Orly & Claus,
We are ok. The time of welcoming the Khmer New Year has just been finished. I don’t have a lot to inform you, just about the kids.
Monthly I spend 12 $ for the car transporting the boy to SIS (private school).
The boy needed a new text book costing 6.5 $ like the first one. I bought him.
Now again he has finished his examination at SIS before last Khmer New Year. He got number 5 among his 20 classmates who are mostly healthy and clean because they come from the rich families in PHNOM PENH.
He told me he is in level 3 now. I’m not sure about it. Maybe level 3 but still level of children. He started from level Sc1 now he is in level Sc3. Anyway, he is going on his English way.
I always advice him what he should do such as study hard, and so does his aunt. I told him about you all have being appreciated and happy with the results of his studies. I myself also give my admiring to him. He is not the best one among kids in SIS, but he is doing his best.

You know, some time in the evening I play ball with him and other boys in the pagoda in front of our temple. Normally, he plays badminton with his young sister.
For Chanthy, she still continues her English class as she is like before. She is ok , and her health is not bad too. I spent for the second month of her English class already. She seems brave to let me ask her about English words that she has learned.

About extra-food showing in the photos, the first one they got before Khmer New Year. I did the same. I gave 10 $ to their aunt and what she buy was like in the photos. Some sweet mango, they both shared everything a half, and at that time they did not spend all 10 $. The aunt kept 10000 Riels (2,5 USD), and shared to both of them a half also, because the boy needs 5000 R to join arranged party with his public school teacher in the chance having a break for a while during Khmer New Year, and the girl she kept this 5000 R to buy little thing she wanted.

The second one as in the unclear photos, I am very sorry about these unclear photos because I couldn’t afford to take by the good phone like the before. This phone has a 2 megapixel camera only, so it is not clear taking in my room. I will try to find the good phone to take much more clearly next time. I bought them this morning and prepare to send you today because I will be busy tomorrow. Before I buy, I asked the two children what they like. They boy agrees with what the girl like to buy, and the girl she still wants milk. She said when she has milk; she always makes a bottle of milk to take with her to school. She like it, but this time she wants to taste fresh milk as well, so I bought 12 cans of fresh milk, 5 cans of ordinary milk, a Milo (like Ovantine but I like Milo and I think they like too.), and a little hair shampoo that the girl needs. It is all about them. Their money is 71.25 USD.

How about Mette, Lene, and Hans do they have the same Easter holiday like you? And are they still leaning hard to finish their last year?

The amount of money for me is increasing. Could you tell me why? I will spend most of this money on my English class. I need one year more to finish it.
Thank you very much for everything. For the kids I am doing like what you want, but what you are offering is giving them a better life than before already. Like the boy, he just needs the time and he has to help himself only. I will continue this work when you still need me to do. I also tell him try to learn English, so he will be able to contact with you directly in the short future. For Yos, I told him your mind to him already since you asked me to say hello to him.

Lastly, I wish you all fine, good health, happy and success with your works.

Have a good weekend!

Best regards,

SOT Borin

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