søndag den 3. maj 2009

Thanks for the money from Borin and the kids

Dear Orly & Claus
Thank you a lot for everything. All the valuable help we are getting nowadays is from you, starting from you, and bringing by you. You spend your own, your effort, your kind regards mind. You make all of these helps for us giving us smile and power to improve our future. You not only give us help but also spend your time flying for a long distance with costing much money to see us. It really show us your warm love and kind mind. Just spending time to write you mail is a little thing.

From my heart, I would like to thank so much to your friends, offering their money to help us. They can share their money to help us we can see their mind to us. I would like to send my best regards to all of them by this meaning.

I told the boy your admiring and your words yesterday, and I also told him the amount of new sending money from you and their left money with me, so they know their money with me, about 160 usd. I give freedom to them to tell me what they need but reasonable things. I ask them again and again and encourage them weather they need to buy more text books or not.

He told me, he needs to buy new note books, and he wants new trousers, so this morning I will give his aunt money to buy for him. I told him to tell the girl the same if she needs other things, so she can buy at the same time.
You can tell me all the time about your new idea to spend money. I always follow you if possible. You wanted me to buy them fresh vegetable, but it was impossible because normally their aunt doesn’t cook as she always busy with her work.

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