søndag den 10. maj 2009

New clothes and shoes for the kids

"Now about the children, you can see in the photos, and as you know last week the boy asked me a trousers, and I also told the girl weather she need something or not so they can buy at the same time with their aunt.
Last Sunday (03/05) I gave 10$ to them with their aunt. They went together to the market for a half day, and then they came back with these cloths and shoes. Their aunt told me they really love these, that why she decided to buy it for them. They love these style of clothes and shoes, of their own test. Total spending was 30 $, so I had to give them 20$ more. I did'nt think they bought like this, so I just told the boy: you bought something much more than I expected. They all agreed not to buy food for a time. I said to the boy: this time is like a present for you because you got good result from your studies. They had bought already so…...and I hope you don’t mind too. I know money, if we spend without any planning it will be quick used up.

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