fredag den 8. maj 2009


Dear Orly and Claus

Now I have much time to write mail to you. You know, I'm really happy so much when I saw your email very soon for reply me. I don't know why in my first internet I just write two or three sentence it have problems so I try to find another internet shop. And now I'm staying far away from internet near by my pagoda.

Oh! I'm have really wonderful feeling so much when I heared that you will come to visit us with Lene and Mette soon, I hope it will be true as soon as possible.

About the money you send me. I'm really so happy very much and thanks alot to Nina and Anders and Louise & Kim and your friends as well. I wish all of them will meet good luck, good health and happiness all the time and I really can not forget about this forever and still remember your kindness to me and for of all of us. This is a very big huge for helping us in Cambodia that we are all poor people.
Everything you give me alot by your money send to me that I can pay for books, food, water, health...and especialy knowledge.
Orly, you know, before I know you I never know about the world, but I'm very lucky in my life when I met you, is give my life light that I can know how to live as human and alot from you and the sponsors as well help me for support my study everyday is by you. So in my life I don't know how to find words to thanks all of you.
I just try to study for my life and remember all of it and you know I tell about this in my class and you know what they are thinking? They say you are good person. however, you are living faraway but best of your mind it's still in Cambodia.

And how about spend the money, like the same before, is pay for school everyday 3000 Real (0,75 USD) for paper copies from the teacher. 12000Real (3 USD) every month for one subject (all teachers need like this, if I don't pay I'll not get good results like the other students that always pays until finish highschool) and some money I'll keep for paying water, electriccity and some books if I can't live without it.
About my photo I'll send you soon, mean that I'll borrow Saru' camera to take it to send you.

In the finally time Please help me to say hello to everyone, I miss all of you so much and still hope to see you soon. Bye Bye


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