onsdag den 8. september 2010

New young man in our project

I'm lucky to get more sponsor money from Italy and I decided to help a new young man from the temple.
He will study tourism for4 years. The first two years will be for 400 USD per year and the last two years 500 USD per year.
He introduce him self:

My name's Sorn Kim CHHON. I was born in September 06, 1984. I was a monk about 9 years, and I started study from grade one untill graduated at the Buddhist High School. And now I have a plan for studying at the Norton University with the help from you. But now I left from the monkhood, but I still want to study continuously. And now I hope that you will help me until my graduation. I hope so anyway.

About my family, My father's name's SORN CHHEM, My Mother's Name's Sat Ny and they are rice farmers. We are 5 siblings. There is only one son, Me, and other 4 are daughters. Therefore, I am the oldest child and a single son in my family. My three younger sisters have stopped study long time ago, and the youngest one is still too young, 5 years old. Maybe next year, she will be sent to the kindergarten. Finish I wish you a prosperity and noble life in the future.
I am very happy that I can study in a very good university.
Thanks to the sponsors

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