torsdag den 30. september 2010

School start for Kosal

 Dear Orly and Claus

You can see on the photos everything I bought for Kosal and today I decided to buy one new shoe for him because now doesn't have shoe to use. He forgot it in his hometown.The new shoe is $2. He is happy so much for something you help to him and he thank you big big to you.
For me now I need to pay school fee and the school will close for payment on 15 October 2010.
I would like to say thank you again for help me and Kosal big huge. I and family of Kosal are so happy and feel better after we got the big help from you.
About my University will start to study on 20 October. I am so very happy so much for your big help to me now. I promise you I will do best for my study in University and I will get good result in my class.

Best Love

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