lørdag den 4. september 2010

News about Kosal

A while ago I got some information from Borin that the police moved all the homeless people from the temple area included the parents of Kosal. His mother needed to move with her 5 kids back to the village and his father is still working with his bike in Phnom Penh. Kosal went with his mother and siblings back to the village.

Today I got the following mail from Borin telling about Kosal:
"Surprisingly, Kosal arrived to the temple in this late evening, it was already got very dark outside with moderate raining. I was surprised when I went to eat my dinner near the temple and saw him sitting alone in the darkness outside our room on a bed. He looked still very small, thin, with a bit long hair. He said he just arrived from his hometown, and he was waiting his father. He came alone, he said he came as he had missed his father so much and he asked his mother to come to Phnom Penh to see his father. I asked him to come to my room to wait for his father. He met him some hours later, and he went with his father after that. He came with a package of biscuit, very ordinary one, that he bought on the car a long the road. He had some clothes with him too, he said he will stay with his father for few days, then go back home and he will come back again when his school starts in the temple.

At his hometown, he said, he always goes to the field, rice field, to look after some cows, and he said he reads book after coming back from the field.

He left his biscuit and clothes in my room before he went with his father :-)

His father is staying in PP earning money with your bike and his mother staying at his home looking after all of them. He said this year his younger brother and sister will be sent to school at his hometown too. He found out that in his hometown the school is for free, but in Phnom Penh, teacher asked money from him, money for teacher everyday, for part-time study, for fan, for electricity and so on. He said, one of his classmate in PP last school year, stopped studying, as he didn't have money to pay his teacher, I feel upset to hear about that, also about some teachers in PP for what they have been doing to get money, even though I do understand about their low salary.”

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