mandag den 15. november 2010

New sponsors for Kosal

The mother and father of Kosal with Kosal beside the bike.
Sophal and Cheng on the bike
After returning from Cambodia, I have searched through facebook new sponsors for Kosal. was lucky to find three that will provide $ 0.5 per day so we can fed him up. I've asked Yos to measure his weight and height and have got the resuls today, Kosal who is 11 years weighing 20 kg and is 127 cm tall. He is for sure very undernourished and it will be good for him with three meals every day.

Kosal is still homeless, he stay during the day in the temple area with our other children and every night his father comes with his bike and take Kosal with the camp bed and the blanket I bought him. They go to find somewhere where they can stay overnight, every night they sleep in a new place to avoid problems with the police.

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